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Retail BBQ Propane Cylinder Exchange


Phelps Sungas has propane cylinder exchange locations all over the Finger Lakes area for the convenience and safety of your customers.

These locations include convenience stores, home centers, gas stations, grocery stores, lumber yards, hardware stores...  anywhere your customers need to be able to conveniently exchange an empty BBQ propane cylinder for a full one.

As a retailer interested in generating additional revenue and providing a convenience to your customers, we invite you to join the Phelps Sungas Propane Cylinder Exchange program.

It's All in the Numbers

From the Barbecue Industry Association some interesting statistics about American BBQ habits:

  • 75% of US households own a barbecue grill

  • 60% of grill owners own more than one grill

  • 57% of grill owners have a propane gas grill

  • 59% of all grills are used year round

  • In a recent annual survey, of the 16-million grills shipped, 60.4% were gas.  

Clear Benefits to the Retailer

  • Cylinder cabinet turns "dead" space in front of store into a PROFIT center

  • This "planned purchase" increases traffic flow, thus the sale of other items inside your store

  • Easy to manage ... unlock-exchange-collect

  • Precision filled - no overfill

  • Requires no certification or class room training of your staff

  • "Live" response when calling our 800-number during normal business hours

  • Quality maintenance of cylinders insures repeat sales  


Our Commitment to You

Phelps Sungas is committed to helping you sell propane by providing complete merchandising support including

  • Eye-catching product displays featuring informative and easy to read consumer & retailer information.

  • Colorful outdoor banners alert your customers that you now carry the added convenience of propane cylinder exchange.

  • In-store promotional hang-tags attach to gas grills on display to inform your customers that full propane cylinders are available at your store location with rebates paid by us to you.

  • Our web site is available 24/7 for you to order product and for your customers to access a large library of BBQ Recipes, accelerating and promoting their use of propane.

Our state-of-the-art refurbishing system insures high quality cylinders, timely deliveries and exceptional customer service. Each returned cylinder goes through a 10-step refurbishing process before being loaded on our trucks and delivered to your place of business. 

Clear Benefits to the Consumer

How does it work? Just pick up a pre-filled cylinder and save time and money.

Customers simply bring their empty cylinder, and you exchange it for a new pre-filled one, at the price you have determined to sell it at. 

No hassles! No waiting! It not only saves your customer precious time, it allows you to attend to your busy schedule.

Customer benefits include:

  • Convenience and quick service

  • One-stop grill and accessories shopping

  • Eliminate trips to remote fill stations that have limited service hours

  • Expanded purchase opportunities - hours & locations

  • Simple and satisfying buying experience

  • Easy to remember, unique quality brand identity

  • Safety assured

  • Precision-filled cylinders to prevent overfills

  • All cylinders are delivered clean and refurbished

  • Cylinders are rigorously inspected, fully tested, and certified

  • All Phelps Sungas cylinders meet or exceed ANSI and NFPA standards


Contact Us Today

For more information on our Propane Cylinder Exchange dealer program and the ways in which it can increase your company's earnings, we invite you to contact us today.




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