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Lock in Your Propane Price for the Entire Year and
Say Goodbye to Unmanageable Winter Energy Bills.

Having a level and predictable monthly propane bill makes budgeting for your energy costs simple. And with a Phelps Sungas Guaranteed Price Plan, Budget Billing Plan, or Price Cap Plan, you can enjoy your winter months without the anxiety of suffering month-to-month winter price fluctuations and unmanageable gas bills.

A Propane Price Plan That’s Right for You.

  • Guaranteed Price Plan — Pre-buy the propane you need for the next heating season at a low pre-season price.

  • price cap Plan — Be assured your price per gallon for propane won’t increase more than 15˘ per gallon during the next heating season.

  • budget billing Plan — For predictable monthly payments throughout the year.

Guaranteed Price Plan

Starting each May and continuing until the end of October, you may pre-buy the propane you need for the next heating season, at a low preseason price. The preseason price may vary each month and typically, the earlier in the season you buy, the greater the savings will be. While no one can predict the future price of propane, this program allows you to lock in your price when it is convenient for you. And, if a delivery of propane is made under this plan and a portion of the gallons delivered exceed the gallons covered by the plan, then all gallons delivered will be billed at the guaranteed price!

Price Cap Plan

From May through October, you may sign up for our price protection (Price Cap) plan and be assured that your price per gallon for propane will not increase by more than 15˘/gallon during the next heating season. With this plan, you will pay a predictable monthly payment and know in advance the maximum price you will pay for your covered propane, regardless of how high the market goes. If you use more gas than predicted, the balance is due in June.

Budget Billing Plan

Pay a predictable monthly payment all year. This plan does not guarantee your price, but it does give you 12 even monthly payments, 1% (12% APR) monthly interest on credit balances and you can start your budget at any time. We reserve the right to recalculate your budget payment periodically as we expect the balance to be zero by July 1.

Save 15˘ per Gallon Now!

  • AutoPay — Sign up for Autopay and have your monthly bill or delivery automatically paid from your debit card, credit card, checking or savings account and save 5˘/gallon.

  • Budget Plan — Sign up for our Price Cap program or Budget Plan and save 5˘/gallon.

  • Energy Security Plan — Each qualifying customer who has an active tank monitor will save 5˘/gallon.

Receive $10 Instant Credit

Convenient E-Billing — Access your account on line. Pay your bill on line. Receive your invoice or statement electronically. Sign up for our E-Billing package and receive a one-time $10 credit on your account.



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