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Across the Finger Lakes Region, more and more new-home buyers want clean, convenient, economical gas-burning appliances and amenities. Phelps Sungas makes it easy for you to give your customers what they want.

We coordinate everything you need to install propane service, from tank sets and technical assistance to appliance purchase and fuel delivery. We're also your source for temporary heat during construction.

Whether your business is manufactured housing or custom home building, Phelps Sungas has solutions to help you sell homes with propane.

We can provide you with complete information on using propane for Custom Homes, Manufactured Housing, Underground Tanks and Temporary Heat.


Build beyond the Natural Gas Lines with the Expertise of Phelps Sungas. Phelps Sungas can help you build homes that feature propane gas appliances and amenities, even beyond the natural gas lines.

Installing propane makes your homes more desirable, because more than half of today's new-home buyers request gas for comfort, cleanliness and cost-efficiency.

From underground tank installation and fuel delivery, to top-of-the-line customer service, Phelps Sungas is your single source for building with propane - for residential, commercial, or agricultural construction.

Our custom-tailored services for builders include professional consultation on tank sitting and other issues, as well as fast, reliable installation. After your customers move into their new home, we'll continue to support them with our safe, dependable propane delivery and expert repair services.

Propane: The Value-Added Energy Source. 

Retail Manufactured HousingHomes with propane have a better resale value and on average cost less to fuel than homes with electric appliances.

  • Propane water heaters generate more heat than electric units.

  • In the event of an electric power outage, many propane appliances would continue to operate.

  • More than one million manufactured-home owners have chosen propane as their energy source.

More Options, More Capabilities.  Phelps Sungas services can mean important savings for home builders. Since Phelps Sungas can handle everything from equipment installation to maintenance and fueling, we offer an effortless, turnkey answer to the needs of builders.  Even when special solutions are required, including payment options, financing, or an upgrade from electricity to propane, we can handle a home builder's needs quickly and professionally.

Dependable Service.  Phelps Sungas is committed to dependable service. In fact, customers can be sure that our professional staff, technology, resources and round-the-clock emergency service will always be there to ensure energy service is smooth and seamless - without interruption.


Build on the Benefits of Propane With Underground Propane Storage Tanks.  Installing underground storage tanks makes homes equipped with propane even more desirable for buyers.

Since only the dome is visible, these tanks can be incorporated into most landscape designs.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, and even large-capacity tanks can be installed with minimal visual intrusion.

Underground propane storage tanks are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and require no out of sight is truly out of mind. With proper protection to resist rust and corrosion, they will generally last for 30 to 40 years. In the unlikely event of a leak, propane will not pollute the soil or groundwater because it is non-toxic.

Phelps Sungas provides everything you need to spec underground storage tanks, complete with tank installation. Our professional consultation services are available at no cost to you, and will help you determine whether underground installation is feasible for your building site.

In many areas of the Finger Lakes, Phelps Sungas has installed underground Propane tanks in a central neighborhood location, and provides metered Propane service to homes in that neighborhood.


To learn how Phelps Sungas can help you power your business or if you want to know more information about your current service, please contact your local Phelps Sungas office in Geneva, Penn Yan, or Canandaigua.





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