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Propane Autogas: Shift Fuels. Save Money.

What if by making one simple choice you could save money for your company, reduce maintenance costs, drive green, and buy American?

Now you can.  Simply by switching from gasoline to Autogas.

Autogas is propane (C3H8), or liquid petroleum gas, when used as a vehicle or off-road engine fuel.

With more than 15 million vehicles worldwide running on autogas, it is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world, just behind gasoline and diesel. You can cut your operating and fuel costs substantially by converting your existing fleet vehicles to autogas. Autogas costs on average a dollar less per gallon than gasoline with a fleet contract, and the cost of conversion is much less than purchasing a new fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Go Green. Make Green.

Converting your fleet vehicles to run on autogas means reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Whether saving the environment is a corporate priority or you just recognize that ‘local’ and ‘sustainable’ are two words gaining significance in the minds of the American consumer, converting to autogas and branding your fleet green can grow your business and your bottom line.

Saving Money is Easier Than You Think

You can cut your operating and fuel costs substantially by converting your existing fleet vehicles to autogas. Autogas costs on average a dollar less per gallon than gasoline with a fleet contract and the cost of conversion is much less than purchasing a new fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Autogas fleets experience fuel cost savings. Historically, propane autogas costs less than gasoline or diesel, and is more insulated from the price spikes that conventional fuels experience.



Cost of Conversion and Additional Savings

The cost of conversion is dependent upon the type of vehicle (car, van, or truck) being converted and the number of vehicles in the fleet.

  • Gasoline to autogas conversion costs approximately $5,800.00.

  • Potential for state, municipal and federal grants and tax incentives.

  • Aftermarket conversion means companies can run their existing fleet on propane autogas without the costly expense of new vehicle purchase.

Because autogas has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than gasoline, autogas hybrid vehicles experience:

  • Less-frequent oil changes

  • Increased engine life

  • Lowered associated vehicle downtime

The Affordable Alternative Fuel

Compared to other alternative fuel vehicles:

  • Converting a vehicle to run on propane autogas is much less expensive than other conversion costs or the purchase of a new hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle

Because propane requires a lower storage pressure than CNG:

  • The cost of infrastructure implementation is lower

  • Tank size within a vehicle can be much smaller

Propane Makes Dollars and Sense for
Forklift Operators and Commercial Mowing

Propane-powered forklifts offer numerous advantages over electric, natural gas, diesel, and gasoline-powered alternatives. The time required to refuel is minimal when compared to electric and natural-gas powered forklifts. It takes only five minutes to change a propane cylinder whereas an electric forklift could take up to eight hours to recharge.

Propane-powered forklifts can be used both inside and outside safely and effectively. Unlike their electric forklift counterparts, propane-fueled forklifts can be operated safely outdoors in the rain and other inclement weather.

Propane-fuelled commercial mowers provide benefits in cost and emission reductions. Research shows that propane engines reduce harmful emissions by one-third compared to gasoline. But the major immediate benefits to lawn care companies include:

  • Complete elimination of fuel theft from the tanks

  • Quick and easy on-site refueling

  • Significantly lower equipment maintenance costs and downtime

  • Zero ground or air contamination due to spillage

  • Increased engine longevity


On-Site Fueling

When we convert a vehicle fleet to operate on propane autogas, we provide turn key on-site fueling infrastructure, typically at no cost to the fleet. We also ensure a guaranteed fuel supply. That means fueling your vehicles at your fleet base and paying less per gallon in fuel costs than you would with gasoline.

  • Our fleet fueling solution includes:

  • Spill-free, zero emission fueling station at fleet base

  • No implementation cost for fleets

  • Initial training for fleet drivers/operators

  • Ongoing technical support

Phelps Sungas AutoGas fueling stations:

  • The time required to fill an autogas vehicle is comparable to that of a gasoline vehicle

  • Our fueling infrastructure integrates seamlessly with fuel management systems

  • Our stations are fully scalable to serve fleets of all sizes – as your autogas fleet grows, so can your autogas fueling station

PROPANE Autogas provided by Phelps Sungas is:

  • Delivered to your fleet base

  • Dispensed from your fleet base

  • The miles/gallon range of propane is typically 85-90% that of conventional gasoline

As the network of autogas fleets grows, so will the network of public fueling stations. In the meantime, we are dedicated to meeting the fueling needs of fleets with on-site fueling infrastructure at their home base.

On-Going Training and Support

  • Phelps Sungas provides all the training fleets need:

  • Operational training for drivers/employees

  • Safety training for operators/drivers/employees

We also provide the ongoing support to keep clean fleets on track and fully functional:

  • Aftermarket AA+ Rated Warranty: 3-years/36,000 mi. (with option for warranty extension)

  • Technical & Maintenance Support

  • Ongoing Safety Support

  • Full Customer Service


Let us show you how Autogas can make a difference in your fleet operations and can positively affect your bottom line and labor costs.  Contact us today to talk to a Phelps Sungas energy consultant. Call now, (800) 458-1085.










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