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Emergency Power Generation

PHELPS SUNGAS PROVIDES Briggs & Stratton Automatic Home Generators that offer permanent, backup protection for your home, and your family. With over 100 years of delivering reliable power products to homeowners, Briggs and Stratton is the Power Experts. Powered by propane from Phelps Sungas, Briggs & Stratton gives you the peace of mind to take charge. Before the power goes out.

Blackouts. Brownouts. Thunderstorms. Snow & sleet. Ice storms. Floods. High winds. Whether it's caused by a utility power interruption or weather disasters, power outages are frequent occurrences throughout the country.

Buying a generator for standby power can be the first step to regaining control over protecting your family and possessions from harm and Phelps Sungas can help you determine which model you need based on your required level of power consumption during an emergency. And, using a Briggs and Stratton emergency power generator is as simple as operating any household appliance. After you have selected a generator, here are a few tips that can help you keep power through the storm.

How to Select the Right Home Generator System

You’ve seen what can happen during natural disasters, storms and power outages. You know you want an alternate power source for your home. To determine how much power you require, follow these steps:

1. What do you need to power? Make a list. Ask yourself what you will need to power during an electrical outage: just appliances and lights? Computers and home electronics, too? Some families have in-home medical equipment that is a priority, while others need to ensure they have enough power to keep stocked food supplies on ice. If you need a generator for recreational or jobsite usage, list out the tools or appliances you will want to use at the same time. Will you need to power work lights along with your tools? What about a radio? On camping or fishing trips, how many outdoor cooking, heating or entertainment appliances or accessories will you and your family or friends be using at once?

2. Determine what it takes to start each appliance. Ensure you’ll be able to start (not simply run) your appliances. The “starting wattage” is the amount of wattage needed to start an appliance with a motor; and it may be two to three times the wattage required to run the appliance. If you have owner’s manuals, check for your appliances’ listed start-up wattages (vs. the running wattage or the rated wattage). If you don’t have owner’s manuals, use our wattage calculator to estimate your power needs.

3. Calculate your total power needs. It’s a two part equation. First, add up all the “running wattage” for all the items you wish to power simultaneously. This equals the total running watts your generator needs to produce simply to run your equipment. Next, add to that total the highest of the “starting wattages” you wrote down in step 2, above. Now you know how much power you need to start and run your appliances and equipment!

With the knowledge you now have about your power needs, you can comparison shop for generators within your wattage requirement.

Trust the Experts at Phelps Sungas

OUR UNMATCHED COMMITMENT TO SAFETY, dependable propane supply, and customer service makes Phelps Sungas the propane provider of choice in each of the communities we serve.

We've been your neighborhood Finger Lakes propane dealer since 1939.  Today we serve thousands of homes and businesses with quality, on-time propane service, and we are proud of the role we play in keeping our customers warm on cold winter nights, providing hot water, and helping to put hot food on the table.

Not only do we provide the propane to our customers, but we also provide a complete line of quality, brand name, propane appliances -- including emergency generator systems, furnaces, water heaters, space heaters, and other specialized products for home, shop, farm and business.




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