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Propane Energy Saving Tips

Home and Business

While there is little we can do to control the unpredictable prices of world commodities, we can control what happens in our own home. We can save hundreds of dollars each year by following a few simple principles.

Here are a few ideas to help you meet the never-ending challenges of staying comfortable and saving money.

Residential heating systems need regular tune-ups. Contact your local propane supplier to inquire about a home-heating system inspection program.

Change your furnace filter monthly. Clean filters will save you money on your heating bill.
Consider investing in a furnace thermostat timer that can save money by lowering your home's temperature when you are not at home.

Protect against drafts around windows and doors by caulking and weather-stripping.

If you are purchasing a fireplace, consider selecting one fueled by propane. Propane fireplaces burn more efficiently than wood-burning models and distribute heat more evenly throughout the room.

Water heaters

You can save more than 10 percent on your water-heating bill by turning down your water heater from the standard 140 degrees to 130 degrees.

To extend your water heater's life and increase energy efficiency, drain it every six months to remove lime deposits and sediment.

Install flow-restricting showerheads. You can reduce hot water usage by up to 50 percent without affecting shower pressure.

Repair leaky faucets. A leak that fills a coffee cup in 10 minutes wastes 3,200 gallons of water a year.

home appliances

Gas ranges with electronic ignition systems will use 40 percent less energy than a standing pilot system.

Be sure that all burners are burning with a blue, cone-shaped flame. A yellow flame indicates clogged air inlets or burners that need adjustment. Contact your propane supplier's service department immediately if you do not see a blue flame.

Check the seal on your oven door. Gaps or tears in the seal will let heat escape and waste energy.

top 10 low cost energy saving tips for business

LOWER Thermostat to 68-70 WINTER, A/C up to 78

SUMMER. Also do night setback to 55 and make sure your heat pump thermostat is set for INTELLIGENT RECOVERY.

To REDUCE Cooling Costs BLOCK the sun with outside window covers and plant Deciduous trees on SOUTH and WEST sides of buildings.

ELIMINATE electric space heaters at desks. At the same time ADJUST conditioned airflow to eliminate cold spots.

INSTRUCT EMPLOYEES to dress warmly. ELIMINATE cold drafts by weather-stripping doors and using insulated window covers.

HVAC: Make Sure The HVAC System Is NOT simultaneously HEATING and COOLING. Clean or replace HVAC filters monthly. Repair disconnected ducts. Schedule normal HVAC tune-ups at least once a year and make sure they also tune for efficiency.

Have HVAC contractor make sure the economizer controls are working properly.

Set warehouse and storage room heaters to 55 and make sure they are not on when outside bay doors are open.

LIGHTING: Many businesses are overlit. Delamping also saves energy. Make sure the ballast is disconnected too.

Turn water heater DOWN to 115.

TURN OFF Personal Computers, Printers and copiers when not in use. DO NOT LEAVE ON OVERNIGHT. If you need to leave computers on at least turn off the monitor.

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